Rug Wash Services

Mud-Rugs and our dedicated team of equestrians offer local horse owners a professional laundry service at an affordable price.

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We are a dedicated team of equestrians and we offer a top quality professional rug wash, re-proof and rug repair service that you can depend on. We are open daily and will, by prior arrangement, offer a free evening or weekend drop off and collection service.

Our Complete Equine Laundry Service Offers…

  • Rug Washing to Manufacturers Instructions
  • Professional Repairs

  • Re-Proofing Using NIKWAX Rug Proof
  • Natural Drying to Stop Rot, Mould & Mildew

At Mud Rugs your horse rugs are washed according to manufacturers instructions and only ‘NIKWAX’ rug proofing is used on your turnout rugs. After washing all rugs are hung to dry in our custom built drying room, then hand finished to a very high standard. We then bag and label your rug ready for collection or delivery.

Rug Washing & Re-Proofing

At Mud Rugs we use large commercial washing machines that have been programmed to give the best possible results on all types of horse rug and to adjust for the correct degree of soiling.

  • Expertly Washed
  • Naturally Dried to Stop Rot
  • Hand Checked for Quality
  • Brilliant Results

The re-proofing process is performed in the washing machine, so the whole rug is treated, including the outer, the inner wadding and the lining. Effective re-proofing depends on the age of the rug and the Nikwax re-proofing treatment should last for a full season. We recommend re-proofing is done each year to maintain your horse rugs in good effective condition.

Horse Rug Repairs

At Mud Rugs we carry out rug repairs in our own workshop. Everything from stitching up rips and tears to patching stable and turnout rugs. We can replace …

  • Clips & Buckles
  • Leg Straps & Fillet Strings
  • Surcingles
  • Webbing

Basically we do everything that’s required to patch up and repair your rug, to help extend the useful life of your horse rugs. We try to keep the cost of rug repairs as low as possible and we source quality rug fittings and materials at very competitive prices, to keep the cost down while still being able to offer you a good quality repair service.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Have you ever read the manufacturers instructions on your horse rugs? What advice do they give to keep your rug in tip top condition? Washing horse rugs the wrong way, particularly waterproof turnout rugs, isn’t that difficult. Doing it right requires the right tools, the right detergents and proper drying facilities.

DON’T EVER – Wash horse rugs yourself using household detergent. Doing this will destroy the waterproof quality of your horse rug. Household detergent will degrade the waterproofing and break down the waterproof membrane that is applied to the inner surface of turnout rug material.
DO NOT – Wash your rugs with a power or pressure washer. The strength of the water jet will blow away the waterproof membrane on the inside of the turnout rug material, and make it useless as a turnout rug. You’d be throwing money down the drain.

At Mud rugs we use NIKWAX Rug Proofer because for the last few years we have worked with the product and have developed the best way of applying it to your rugs during the washing process.

Adding it during washing ensures the whole rug is reproofed; treating seams, tapes and cords, the lining, outer shell and the wadding inside the rug. Simply spraying or painting on a waterproofing product is not only very costly and time consuming but 99% of the time it only does half a job.

NIKWAX restores the Durable Water Repellency (DWR) and helps maintain breathability. It leaves a flexible water repellent treatment on individual rug fibres, allowing moisture vapour to pass through to ensure your horse isn’t sweating up in their rug.

NEVER – Use a bio type washing product on any horse rug, not only it will it degrade the waterproof qualities but it will also put your horse at risk of contracting a skin allergy.
Pressure washers push the dirt into the rug, so although the outside can look clean, all you’ve done is move the dirt out of sight and into the fabric of your horse rug. Using a pressure washer will also void your warranty, it really is a false economy.

DO NOT – Store your horses rugs while wet or even damp, then simply forget about them till the winter comes. Many rugs have a cotton or non-synthetic lining and when stored while damp or wet mould and mildew will literally eat the lining out of your rug. When you eventually bring that rug to a professional horse rug cleaner the whole lining will disintegrated in the washing machine because of the mould rot.

At Mud Rugs we dry all rugs in our bespoke drying room and once fully dry we pack them in good quality see-through bags suitable for storing. You can then confidently put them away until needed.

Professional Rug Care

Horse owners trust us to look after their expensive horse rugs. We specialise in the care, repair and reproofing of turnout and stable rugs and are committed to delivering the very best service possible.

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