Equine Science - Pro Calmer Works

I don’t normally promote products, but Calmer Pro impressed me so much that I just have to tell everyone how good it is.

Mus rugs - April-20180629_092924So, April (pictured) can be a little tetchy, high sprited you could say and she tends to get a little hyper on show days. Pooping about four hundred times before we load up and head off to a show.

I’ve tried all the usual, advertised as wonderful, calmers, natural remedies, etc. Nothing has much impact.

Then, I came across EquineScience.co.uk and I called them up and had a chat with Debbi Gibbins.


Debbi listened to my woes, and pointed me in the right direction. Her knowledge and experience are exceptional and she pinpointed the potential problem, recommended Calmer Pro and sent me loads of info on equine gastric health. Specifically stuff on the hind gut.

Their amazing product is all natural and April a fussy eater had no problems with it. Within one week she was calm and chilled.

When I loaded her at the end of the week to travel to Arena UK, we had absolutely no stress, and we took 2nd place in a class of 24.

I am mega-impressed with the guys and products from Equine Science and I heartily recommend you try them out if you have any problems with your horse or pony.

And Equine Science don’t just do calmers they also have stuff to fix hormonal problems, eye health, digestion, joint, respiratory and things to improve the general health of your horse.

Give them a try, they’re based in Hampshire, UK and they talk horse.

Phone: 01184 676 715