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Mud Rugs is probably the best horse rug cleaning and repair service in Lincolnshire & South Yorkshire. Our team has a wealth of experience with horse tack & horse care. We can offer horse owners a fast and consistently reliable turn-round on any number of horses rugs, numnahs and even your travel boots.

At Mud Rugs we use large commercial washing machines programmed to give you the best results on all kinds of turnout, stable and other horse rugs and we can cope well with the wide variety of soiling found on horse rugs.

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Professional Affordable Rug Care

At Mud rugs we know how expensive horse rugs can be and we try very hard to help ensure your rugs will last as long as possible, by offering a very reasonably priced rug repair service. For more information, help or advice on horse rug repairs, please call Jane on 07926 971685.

Mud-Rugs uses Nikwax Rug Wash & Rug Proof on all turnout rugs and eCover on all other equestrian items. The products we use are designed to be kind to your horse, and also kind to the environment. We don’t use tumble dryers as these can damage the fabrics in modern horse rugs. Instead we dry your rugs in our custom built rug dryer to ensure they maintain their shape and fit.

When you choose our reproofing option all your turnout rugs are reproofed using NIKWAX Rug Proof. Your rugs are reproofed during the wash cycle, to ensure the whole rug is treated, including the outer, the inner wadding and the lining. NIKWAX also restores the Durable Water Repellency (DWR) of turnout rugs and helps maintain breathability.

Our Reputation is Your Guarantee. We guarantee your horse rugs will get the best attention we can provide and if you’re not satisfied with an item we’ll re-do that work.

The Mud Rugs team are all horse owners, riders and competitors. We have over fifty years combined experience of horse ownership and we know what you need from your rugs.

  • We promise to clean, reproof or repair your horse rugs in a prompt and efficient manner
  • If we think your rug is beyond cleaning, we will tell you
  • If we think your rug is beyond repair, we will tell you
  • If we mess up WE will sort that mess, whatever that mess may be

In business it’s not what you say, it’s what you do that counts. At Mud-Rugs we deliver on our promises just like we trust you to deliver on yours.

Let’s See What Some Mud-Rugs Customers Have To Say?

Because we love our customers and we’re fully dedicated to keeping their trust by offering a truly personal service with brilliant results.

“Fast turn-round and very friendly service. A clean turnout rug well packed ready for next winter. ”

“I have been using Mud-rugs for several years and the service is second to none. The rugs come back from cleaning looking brand new. Nothing is too much for Jane and her staff, repairs are first class. If a quick turnaround is required it is never a problem. Unbelievable prices for such a first class service. Thanks Mud-rugs.”

“Had my rugs cleaned by mud rugs. OMG! They’ve come back looking as good as new. Repairs are great quality. They were washed repaired and back to me quickly. Definitely great value.”

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Mud-Rugs - We're Good At What We Do

Don't put smelly, soiled rugs in your washing machine and risk wrecking it or soiling your own clothes. Our commercial washing machines will do a better job for you at a very affordable price.

Professional Rug Care

Horse owners trust us to look after their expensive horse rugs. We specialise in the care, repair and reproofing of turnout and stable rugs and are committed to delivering the very best service possible.

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